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Hello and welcome to my blog! I am Vivienne, living in the UK and married with a son who now lives in Perth, Australia and a daughter who has given me two gorgeous grandsons! Paint Shop has been my hobby for more years than I can remember and I love making tags. I have always loved doing tutorials written by others and a couple of years ago started writing them myself. As well as tag tutorials, I also have a Tips and Tricks page where you will find tutorials on basic Paint Shop techniques. I hope you enjoy my blog and have fun with my tutorials. Please be sure also to check out the Tag Gallery and see some of the awesome results to the tutorials!

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In this tutorial I used a beautiful freebie mini kit called
“Heaven’s Newest Angel” from

The tutorial is designed to use a photograph of
a loved one or pet, I used a photograph of my sweet cat
 Rhea, who we lost several years ago
but it could also be used without the photograph with text as a
sympathy card.

You will also need a mask, I used 161 by

I used the font

I used a soft drop shadow of vertical 0, horizontal 5, opacity 45, blur 15.

Open a new transparent canvas 600 by 700 pixels and fill with white.

Make a new layer, select all, paste paper 2 into the selection, deselect and apply the mask.

Paste element 23 as a new layer (you won’t see it as its larger than the canvas) and resize 22%.  Select the interior of the element with your magic wand and expand the selection by 10.  Copy paper 2 and paste it as a new layer below the element, resize 15%, invert the selection and hit delete to remove the excess, deselect.  Apply the drop shadow to the element and merge it down onto the paper.

Paste element 16 as a new layer, resize 55%, place in position and apply the drop shadow.

Paste element 18 as a new layer, resize 25%, place in position and apply the drop shadow.

Paste one of the word elements as a new layer, resize as needed, place in position and apply the drop shadow.  I used element 26 resized 30%.

Paste two of the roses as new layers, resize one 20%, resize the second 17% and mirror and flip it, place in position and apply the drop shadow to each.

Paste element 10 as a new layer, resize 25% and rotate 90 degrees to the right, drag below the merged layer and position towards the bottom on the right, duplicate, flip the duplicate and position towards the top on the left, apply the drop shadow to each.

Paste element 9 as a new layer, resize 32% and rotate 90 degrees to the left, place in position and apply the drop shadow.

Paste element 22 as a new layer and drag it up to above the merged layer, resize 18%, rotate 70 degrees to the left, place in position and apply the drop shadow.

Paste your photo as a new layer, drag it below the frame, resize as needed and erase any that shows outside the element.  You can play around with some plugins or blend modes on your photo,  I duplicated mind, applied Gaussian blur of 3 to the original layer and changed the blend mode on the copy to Overlay which gave a softer appearance. 

Paste element 14 as a new layer on the top, resize 23%, place in position and apply the drop shadow.

When you are done, crop your tag, add your copyright information and text, drag the text below element 14 and export on transparent background as a png.


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