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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Easter Surprise

Easter Surprise 

In this tutorial I am using another fabulous Easter
tube by Alicia Mujica.
You need a license to use this tube,
I got mine here.

I am using a kit by called “Hoppy Spring” by
This is a very pretty kit and comes with a freebie bonus of
3 beautiful clusters.
You can get the kit and clusters here.

You will also need Monti’s circle mask, here.

Font used is Pharmacy, a free font, here.


Don’t forget to sharpen those elements after you have resized them. If you don’t know how to do this, check out my Tips and Tricks page.

I used a soft drop shadow throughout of vertical and horizontal 2, opacity 50, blur 7.

Open a new transparent canvas 650 by 600 pixels and flood fill with white.

Open a paper for the background mask and copy, I used sb_pmt_hoppy-spring_pp7.  Make a new layer on your canvas, select all, paste the paper into the selection and apply the mask.  Resize 85%.

Open sb_pmt_hoppy-spring_pp3 and copy.  Make another layer on your canvas, you should still have the selection there, paste the paper into it, apply the mask again and remove the selection. Resize this mask layer 65% and move it up and to the left a bit.

Open sb_pmt_hoppy-spring_frame1 and paste as a new layer.  Resize 55% and rotate 90 degrees in either direction.

Open another of the papers and copy, this time I used sb_pmt_hoppy-spring_pp9.  Select the interior of the frame with your magic wand and expand the selection by 20. Make a new layer below the frame layer and paste the paper into the selection.

Open your tube, copy it and paste as a new layer on your canvas, resize as needed and position nicely inside the frame, invert the selection and hit delete to remove the excess.  Apply the drop shadow to both the tube and frame layers. Lower the opacity on the tube to around 70, merge it down onto the paper layer and apply the blinds texture with width on 3, opacity on 10, colour black and horizontal and light from left/top both checked.  Merge the frame layer down onto this layer and move over a little to the right.

Open sb_pmt_hoppy-spring_splatter3, paste as a new layer and drag down below the merged layer.  Resize 55% and duplicate, place in position one on each side and  apply the drop shadow.

Open sb_pmt_hoppy-spring_tree and paste as a new layer.  Resize 60%, place in position and apply the drop shadow.  You will probably need to erase some of the base of the tree when you have your other elements in place.

Open sb_pmt_hoppy-spring_grass, paste as a new layer and bring to the top.  Resize 40% and place in position on the bottom, left hand corner of the frame, apply the drop shadow.

Open sb_pmt_hoppy-spring_flower1 and paste as a new layer.  Mirror, resize 40%, place in position on top of the grass and apply the drop shadow.

Open your tube again, copy it and paste it as a new layer, resize as needed, place in position and apply the drop shadow.

Open two of the eggs, I used sb_pmt_hoppy-spring_egg1 and egg4.  Resize one 40% and the other 30%, drag both down behind the tube and place in position, apply the drop shadow to each.

Open flower1 again and paste as a new layer, this time resize it 30%, place in position and apply the drop shadow. 

Check the positions of your layers and make any necessary adjustments, when you are happy, crop your tag and resize if required, add your copyright information and text and export as a jpeg with compression set to 5 or on a transparent background as a png.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions, please email me here. I would of course love to see your result and feature it in the gallery!

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