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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Beat of my Heart

In this tutorial I am using the beautiful art of Rossana Castellino.
You need a license to use Rossana’s art,
available at Dreamscape Imaging.

I am using a fabulous kit by Pimp’d Designz called
“For Eternity”.
You can get the kit here.

You will also need a mask, I used Monti’s circle mask, here.

If you want to do the animations, you will need Animation Shop.
I used dbs flux bright noise filter for the sparkle but if you don’t have it
you can use adjust noise in paintshop.

Font used is New Romantics, a free font, here.

The animation part of this tutorial is for advanced Paintshop users.

Don’t forget that after you have resized/rotated the elements, they will become a little blurry so we need to sharpen them up again (adjust – sharpness – unsharp mask – radius and clipping 5, strength 40).

Open a new transparent canvas 650 by 550 and flood fill with white.

Open pd12-pp-11 and copy. Make a new layer on your canvas, select all, paste the paper into the selection and apply Monti’s circle mask, resize 90%.

Open pd12-mask-bonus and paste as a new layer, resize 80%.

Open pd12-pp06 and paste as a new layer. Resize also 80%.  Go back to the mask bonus layer, go to selections – select all – selections float – selections de-float, expand the selection by 1 and invert it, go back to the paper layer and hit delete. Do not de-select. 

Open your tube, mirror it and then copy and paste it as a new layer. I re-coloured my tube to complement the kit.  Resize the tube, position it inside the selection and again hit delete to remove the excess, lower the opacity to around 40.  Go back to the original mask bonus layer and apply a drop shadow vertical and horizontal 1, opacity 80, blur 3. Close off your white background layer and “merge visible”. Re-open your background layer.

Open pd12-heart-03 and paste as a new layer. Mirror, resize 70% and place in position. Apply the same drop shadow as you did for the mask bonus layer.

Open pd12-frame-02 and paste as a new layer.  Resize 55% and rotate 80 degrees to the right. Move over to the left.

Open another of the papers and copy, this time I used pd12-pp07.  Select the interior of the frame with your magic wand and expand the selection by 10, make a new layer below the frame layer and paste the paper into the selection, de-select.

Open your tube again, undo the mirror, copy and paste it as a new layer. Resize as needed and position inside the frame. Apply a drop shadow vertical and horizontal 5, opacity 70, blur 10 to both the tube and frame layers.

Open pd12-key and paste as a new layer.  Resize 35%, drag down below the tube layer and position on the left hand side of the frame. Apply the last drop shadow.

Open pd12-ribbon05 and paste as a new layer. Resize 30%, place in position on the chain and apply the last drop shadow. Go back to the key layer and erase any of the chain that shows above the bow.

Open pd12-leaf-02, paste as a new layer and bring to the top.  Resize 40%, duplicate and mirror the duplicate.  Place the leaves roughly in position and apply the last drop shadow to each layer.

Open pd12-flower-01 and paste as a new layer, resize 35%, place in position and apply the last drop shadow.

Open pd12-heart-01 and paste as a new layer.  Resize 35%, place in position and apply the last drop shadow.

Open pd12-flower-02 and paste as a new layer.  Resize 35%, place in position and apply the last drop shadow.

Check the positions of your layers and make any necessary adjustments. When you are happy, crop your tag, resize if required and add your copyright information and text.

Ok!   Hope you are still with me for the animation!  It’s not difficult but we are going to be doing two animations and putting our tag together in animation shop.

To make things a little easier, first will we merge some of our layers.

Close off the heart layer and all the layers below it. You should have just your copyright, name and the top flower layer open. Merge visible. Rename this layer “top” and then close it off.   (If you are going to do tags with different names, leave the name off also and add to the finished tag).

Leave closed your white background layer, circle mask layer  and heart layer and then open all the layers between the mask and the heart layer. Merge visible and rename “middle”.

Rename your bottom white layer “bottom”.

You should now have five layers, the “bottom” white layer, the circle mask layer, the “middle” layer, the heart layer and the “top” layer.

First we will do the animation on the mask layer. Duplicate this layer 3 times so you have four copies.  Apply dbs flux, bright noise on the bottom layer with intensity set to 20 and “mix” checked. Rename that layer “mask 1” and close it off. Open the second copy and again apply the bright noise filter hitting the “mix” button once. Rename “mask 2”.  Do the same for the third and fourth layers.

Open up your heart layer, click on it to activate it and duplicate it. Close the original and we will work on the duplicate. Activate your warp brush and with the settings shown in my screenshot below, click in the centre of the heart once. Because the warp brush makes it a little blurry, apply the unsharp mask but change the strength to 30.  That’s it lol, how easy was that. Rename these layers “heart 1” and the duplicate “heart 2”.  Note: I am using PSP X3, the warp brush may be in a different place in other versions.

The screenshot below is how your layers palette should now look.

Close off your “top” layer, both “heart” layers  and mask layers 2, 3 and 4.  What should be open is just your “bottom”, “middle” and “mask 1” layers. Right click on your tag, copy merged and paste in animation shop.

Close off “mask 1” layer and open “mask 2” layer. Again right click and paste “before current frame” in animation shop.  Do the same thing with the last two mask layers.

In animation shop, go to edit – select all – edit – copy. Click on the first frame of your animation and paste before current frame.  You should now have 8 frames of the noise animation. We need to do this because the heart layer runs a lot slower than the noise layer.

Back in paintshop, close off “middle” and all the mask layers and open “heart 1” and  “top”. Right click and “copy merged”.  In animation shop, paste “as a new animation”. Duplicate it 3 times so you have 4 frames.

Back in paintshop, close off “heart 1” and open “heart 2”, copy merged again, take into animation shop, click on the last heart frame to activate it, right click and “paste after current frame”. Duplicate this frame 3 times also. You now should have 4 frames, the first four with heart 1 and the second four with heart 2.

Go to edit – select all – edit – copy, click on the first noise frame and again go to edit – select all. Right click again on the frame and “paste into selected frame”.  Place the heart into position, click and it will paste into each frame.

Run your tag through the optimization wizard on the default settings and save as a gif.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and made it to the end even!!! If you have any questions, feel free to email me here. I would really love to see your result and include it in the gallery!


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