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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Le Cirque

In this tutorial I am using a fabulous freebie addon
for the kit “Circus Adventure” by
which includes the gorgeous tiger!

I take no credit for this tutorial as it is heavily based on the
addon preview which I just loved!

You will also require a mask.
I used Monti’s Circle mask,
you can get it here.

I used Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact for the
perspective shadow on the tiger.
If you don’t have this plugin, you can experiment
with your own shadow or just use the drop shadow.

Don’t forget to sharpen your elements after resizing and rotating (adjust – sharpen – unsharp mask – radius and clipping 5, strength 50).

Open a new transparent canvas 500 by 500 pixels and flood fill with white.

Open EenasCreation_Addon_Circus_Paper2 and copy. Make a new layer on your canvas, select all and paste the paper into the selection.  Apply the mask, resize 90% and lower the opacity to 65.

Open EenasCreation_Addon_Circus_el9 and paste as a new layer. Resize 23% and apply a drop shadow, vertical 0, horizontal 5, opacity 70, blur 5.

Open EenasCreation_Addon_Circus_el1 and paste as a new layer. Resize 13% and apply the same drop shadow as before.

Open EenasCreation_Addon_Circus_el10 and paste as a new layer. Resize 11% and apply the drop shadow. Now place your three elements in position using my tag as a reference.

Apply Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact Perspective Shadow on the tiger with the following settings.

Open EenasCreation_Addon_Circus_el2 and paste as a new layer. Resize 17%, drag down until its just above the mask layer and position towards the right hand side. Duplicate this layer, resize the duplicate 80%, mirror and place in position on the left. Apply the drop shadow but change the horizontal to 2.

Open EenasCreation_Addon_Circus_el8 and paste as a new layer above the fire/hoop layer. Resize 12% and apply the last drop shadow.

Open EenasCreation_Addon_Circus‑el6 and paste as a new layer.  Resize 15% and rotate 30 degrees to the right. This element blurs a lot with the resizing and rotating, as well as applying the unsharp mask I also dabbed the star part a few times with the sharpen brush. Apply the last drop shadow.

Open EenasCreation_Addon_Circus_el5 and paste as a new layer. Bring the layer to the top, resize 10%, rotate 90 degrees to the right, resize another 90% and place in position. Apply the drop shadow changing the horizontal back to 5.

Crop your tag, resize as required and apply your watermark.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions, you can email me here.

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