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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Angel's Whispers

In this tutorial I used the art of Rachael Tallamy.
You require a license to use Rachael's tubes
 which you can purchase at UpYourArt.

I used the beautiful scrapkit Angels Whispers by CBJ.
Please take a look at Jo’s blogspot here.
I used the tagger sized kit which is exclusive to Dreamscape Imaging.

I re-coloured some of the elements in the kit to compliment my tube.

You will also need a mask, I used Monti’s circle mask.
You can get the mask here.

Open a new transparent canvas size 600 x 600 pixels and floodfill with white.

Open CBJ_AngelWhispersSteps and paste as a new layer. Resize by 45% and apply a drop shadow vertical and horizontal 2, opacity 60, blur 5.

Open CBJ_AngelWhispersAngelicFrame and paste as a new layer. Resize by 65%, drag this layer below the steps and position. Click inside the frame and expand the selection by 10. Paste your tube as a new layer and position inside the frame. Invert the selection and cut to remove the excess tube. Drag this layer below the frame layer. My tube filled the inside of the frame, you may need to put another layer below the tube and fill with either a paper or a complimentary colour if your tube doesn’t fill the frame completely.   Go back to the frame layer and apply a drop shadow as before.

Open CBJ_AngelWhispersVine and paste as new layer. Resize by 20% and rotate to the left by 5 degrees. Go to adjust – sharpen – unsharp mask with the settings on radius and clipping 5, strength 50. Position the vine on the left hand side of the frame and apply the same drop shadow as before.  Erase part of the vine at the top so it looks like it twines below the frame.

Open CBJ_AngelWhispersClockface and paste as a new layer. Apply the same drop shadow as before, drag the layer below the steps and position.

Open CBJ_AngelWhispersCloud and paste as a new layer. Resize by 50% and position over the top of the steps. Erase the part of the cloud that shows over the frame.

Click on your top layer and paste your tube again as a new layer. Resize if necessary, apply the same drop shadow as before and position.

Open CBJ_AngelWhispersAngelicLightBeam and paste as a new layer. Drag this layer below your tube and resize. I resized mine by 70% but it depends on the size of your tube, be careful not to have the light beam going over the edge of your canvas as it will make a hard cut off line. When I had the light beam in position, I duplicated it to give it more emphasis as my tag is light coloured. No shadow on these layers.

Add a few elements around your tube and base of the frame. I used the orchids, the lantern, the feather and the scroll around my tube and some flowers at the bottom of my frame. Sharpen as before if you rotate any or if they need it after resizing and apply drop shadows.

Open CBJ_AngelWhispersLights and paste as a new layer. Resize by 65%. Drag this layer so its just above your bottom white background layer and position to the right hand side, duplicate and position the duplicate to the left. No shadow on these layers.

Open CBJ_AngelWhispersTreeStars and paste as a new layer. Resize by 25% and position to the left of your tag. Duplicate this layer and mirror. Position the duplicate to the left a little lower than your first layer. Merge these two layers together and apply a drop shadow as before. Erase any that shows at the bottom of your tag.

Click on your white background layer, make a new layer and select all, open CBJ_AngelWhispersPaper10 and paste into the selection. Apply your mask.

Resize if required and add your copyright information and text. I used the font P22ZanerFour with a slight bevel and drop shadow as before.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any problems, please email me here.


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