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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Baby Christmas

In this tutorial I used a really beautiful tube called
“The Christmas Angel” from
You can purchase the tube at

The kit, inspired by this tube (23-3), is by Angela at
This lovely kit can also be purchased at

You will also need Winter Mask 1 from

Font is 

I used a drop shadow of vertical 0, horizontal 5, opacity 65, blur 10.

Open a new transparent canvas 700 by 600 pixels and fill with white.

Make a new layer, select all, paste paper 4 into the selection, deselect and apply the mask.

Paste element 15, resize 85%, place in position and apply the drop shadow.

Paste the tube, resize 75%, place in position and apply the drop shadow.

Paste element 6, resize 90%, drag below the tube, place in position and apply the drop shadow.

Paste the word art and bring to the top, resize 70%, place in position and apply the drop shadow,

Make any necessary adjustments to your layers, I resized my mask here 110% as it seemed a little small.

Paste element 9, drag it right down to just above element 15 (the greenery) and position it behind the tube, use your pick tool to stretch it out a wider so it shows either side of the tube.  When you  are happy with the size and position of the cloud, duplicate it and drag the duplicate above the tube.  Set your eraser to size 100 and erase the cloud so you can see the baby, changing the opacity of your eraser tool to 10 when you get to the bottom so some of the cloud is still visible but you can see the tube through it.   Now go back to the original copy of the cloud and lower the opacity to around 70.

Paste element 4 as a new layer on the top, resize 40% and place in position.

When you are done, crop your tag, add your copyright information and text and export on a transparent background as a png.

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