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Sunday, 19 August 2012


In this tutorial I have used the art of Amy Matthews.
You need a license to use Amy’s art,
available here.

I used two mix and match kits called “Rosette” by
You can get the kits here.
Love these kits they are so pretty, thank you!

You will need a mask, I used HorsePlay’s Pasture mask 10, here.

I used MuRa’s Filter Meister, copies.
This is a free filter here but is not essential.

In this tutorial we will be using the pick tool (deform tool in older versions).
Although the techniques in this tutorial are not difficult to do, they are
difficult to write up so I have made several screenshots.

Font is Angelina, here.

Remember to sharpen your elements after rotating/resizing and also after using the pick/deform tool.  If you are not familiar with this, please check out my Tips and Tricks page for more info.

I used a drop shadow throughout of vertical and horizontal 2, opacity 60, blur 5.

Open a new transparent canvas 650 by 550 pixels and flood fill with white.

Open your tube and paste it as a new layer, resize as needed (if you are using the same tube as me, resize 90%) but don’t apply the drop shadow yet.

Open sb_pmt_MIX N MATCH_Rosette_frame3 and paste as a new layer.  Drag down below the tube and resize 70%.  We will some place some other elements into position and then come back to this.

Open sb_pmt_MIX N MATCH_Rosette_print 1 and paste as a new layer.  Drag down below the frame, resize 80% and place in position.

Open sb_pmt_MIX N MATCH_Rosette_print 3 and paste as a new layer.  Resize also 80% and place in position.

Open PDS_R-heart 1 and paste as a new layer.  Resize 10% and  apply MuRa’s Filter Meister, copies with the settings on my screenshot below.  If you don’t have this filter, you can duplicate the heart and rotate the copies.  Resize again 80%, erase any of the hearts that incomplete or not positioned well and apply the drop shadow.

Click on the frame to activate it and then activate your pick/deform tool.  Check out my screenshots below if you don’t know where to find it. 

 Pick Tool:

Deform tool:

When you activate this tool, nodes will appear around the frame. We can push or pull the nodes to alter the perspective of the frame.  First we want to widen the frame at the bottom.  Hold down your Ctrl key and pull out the node on the bottom, right hand corner (holding down the Ctrl key at the same time will pull out both bottom corners equally).  Your frame should look now something like my screenshot below.

 Next, release the Ctrl key and push down on the centre node at the top.  Unsharp mask when you are done as this tool makes things pretty blurry. Your frame should now look something like this.

Finally, rotate the frame 15 degrees to the left and resize 90%, again unsharp mask.  This is how your frame should look now.

Select inside each part of the frame with your magic wand and expand the selection by 10.  Open sb_pmt_MIX N MATCH_Rosette_pp3 and copy.  Make a new layer below the frame and paste the paper into the selection, deselect.

Duplicate your tube and flip the duplicate, drag it down so its between the frame and the paper and place in position.  Again select the interior of each part of the frame, expand the selection as before and invert it,  activate the copy tube and hit delete to remove the excess, deselect and lower the opacity to around 35.  Apply the drop shadow to the frame.  Close off all your layers apart from the copy tube, frame and paper and merge visible, reopen your closed layers. You can now apply the drop shadow to the main tube.   Phew! Hope you are still with me lol!

Open PDS_R-ribbon2 and paste as a new layer.  This should be just above your merged layer.  Resize 85%, place in position and apply the drop shadow. Erase a little on the left hand end so it looks like its going over the edge of the frame.

Open PDS_R-scatter 1 and paste as a new layer.  Resize 75%, place in position and apply the drop shadow.

Open PDS_R-flower3 and paste as a new layer.  Resize 25%, place in position and apply the drop shadow.

Open PDS_R-flower4 and paste as a new layer.  Resize 30%, place in position and apply the drop shadow.

Check the positions of your layers and make any necessary adjustments.

Open PDS_R-paper9 and copy.  Click on your white background layer and then make a new layer, select all, paste the paper into the selection, deselect and apply the mask.

When you are done, crop your tag and add your copyright information and text, then export as a jpeg with compression set to 5 or on a transparent background as a png.   I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, if you have any questions, please email me here.  As always, I would love to see your result and include it in the gallery!

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