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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Winter Chill

In this tutorial I am using the beautiful art of Sherin Moustafa.
You need a license to use Sherin’s art,
available at Dreamscape Imaging.

I am using a gorgeous kit called “Winter’s Chill” by
Check out the links on the right of Jo's blog for
the stores where you can purchase the kit.

You will also need a mask, I used Monti’s circle mask, here.

Font of choice.

You will need Animation Shop and the snow animation, here 
 if you wish to do the animation. 

Don’t forget to sharpen your elements after resizing/rotating, this is essential to take away the blurriness (adjust – sharpen – unsharp mask, radius and clipping 5, strength 50).

Drop shadow used throughout is vertical and horizontal 2, opacity 70, blur 5.

Open a new transparent canvas 650 by 550 pixels and flood fill with white.

Open one of the papers and copy, I used CBJ_WC_paper15.  Make a new layer on your canvas, select all, paste the paper into the selection and de-select. Apply the mask. Resize 90%.

Open CBJ_WC_FlakeDoodle and paste as a new layer. Resize 55% and apply the drop shadow.

Open CBJ_WC_GemStars and paste as a new layer. Resize 50% and apply the drop shadow.

Open CBJ_WC_BlueGlitterFrame and paste as a new layer. Resize 33%.

Open your tube, paste it as a new layer, drag it down below the glitter frame layer and place it in position in the frame. Select the interior of the frame with your magic wand and expand the selection by 5, go back to the tube layer, invert the selection and hit delete to remove the excess outside the frame. If your tube doesn’t fill the frame as mine does, you will need to put a paper or background colour behind it. Go back to the frame layer and apply the drop shadow.

Now decorate your frame with some of the elements from the kit. I used CBJ_WC_Flower1 resized 40%, CBJ_WC_Flower2 resized 35%, CBJ_WC_Flutter2 resized 15% and rotated 20 degrees to the left and CBJ_WC_Holly, resized 30% and coloured to match the rest of the elements. Apply the drop shadow to all your layers.

Check the positioning of all your layers and make any adjustments.

Open CBJ_WC_Hanger1 and paste as a new layer. Resize 25% and place in position. This element is a slightly different blue and I wanted to keep my tag in a mono colour for better optimization in Animation Shop so I recoloured it. Place the element in position and apply the drop shadow.

Open CBJ_WC_DoubleBow and paste as a new layer. Resize 15% and place in position. Erase any of the hanger ribbon that shows above the bow.

Go back to your tube layer, duplicate it and bring the duplicate to the top (if you have a paper or coloured layer below the tube layer, merge the two together first). Resize this layer until it fits inside the glass ball on the hanger and then drag it below the hanger layer.

Crop your tag and resize if required, add your copyright information and text. If you do not wish to animate, save as jpeg with compression set to 5 or on a transparent background as a png.

Now for the animation.

Merge the bow layer down onto the hanger layer and bring the merged layer to the top. Close this layer and the small tube layer off and merge visible. You now have 3 layers.

Open the snow file in Animation Shop. Go to file – Export Frames – to Paint Shop Pro. The file will open in PSP in layers. Go back to Animation Shop and go to file again – export frames – break link with exported frames.  Now you need to copy each frame of the snow animation onto your tag between the tube layer and the merged hanger/bow layer. Just copy and paste each one as a new layer and be sure not to move them!  When you are done, activate the tube layer and go to selections – select all – selections float – selections defloat  – selections invert. Hit delete on each of the snow layers to remove the snow that is outside of the globe. Close off all the snow layers apart from the first one. Right click on your tag and “copy merged”, paste in animation shop “as a new animation”. Close off this snow layer and open the second, right click and copy again and paste in animation shop “after current frame”. Do this with all 10 of the snow layers.  When you have done, run your tag through the optimization wizard on the default settings and save as a gif.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions, please email me here. I would of course love to see your result!


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