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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Angelic Tears

In this tutorial I am using the work of Zindy S.D. Nielsen.
You require a license to use Zindy’s art,
you can get one here.

I am using one of a free set of cluster frames from
These frames are made from a beautiful collab kit called
“Our Special Angel”
which has been put together to raise money for a very special cause.
Please check it out here.

You will require a mask, I used Gems' Mask 206, here.

You will also need Animation Shop, Color Dot filter here
and DSB Flux bright noise filter, here.

Font used is Estrya’s Handwriting by Jellyka.
This is a free font and you can get it here

Open OSAclusterJoSchn, duplicate and close the original. Increase your canvas size to 600 x 600 pixels with the frame centred. Make a new layer, flood fill with white and send to the bottom.

Put your background colour on white and your foreground colour on #c8d5de and make a gradient as in my screen shot below.

Select the interior of the frame with your magic wand and expand the selection by 25. Make a new layer below the frame layer and flood fill with the gradient. Do not de-select.

Open your tube and paste as a new layer. Resize as required and position nicely in the frame, invert the selection and delete the excess, de-select. Apply a drop shadow to your tube, I used vertical and horizontal 2, opacity 70, blur 5. Close off your white background layer, merge visible and re-open the background layer.

Make a new layer below the frame and flood fill with color #5b839b. Apply the mask and resize 95%.

Duplicate the mask layer and apply color dot filter on the default settings to the duplicate. Merge the two mask layers together.

Duplicate the merged mask layer twice so you have 3 copies, close of the second and third copy and apply DSB Flux bright noise on the first copy with intensity set to 20 and “mix” checked. Close off the first copy and apply the same filter on the second copy hitting the mix button once. Do the same for the third copy.

Crop your tag and apply your copyright information and text.

Right click on your tag and “copy merged”, paste in animation shop as a “new animation”.

Close off the current mask layer and open the second, right click and copy merged again, click on your tag in animation shop and “paste before current frame”.

Do the same with the last mask layer.

Open the optimization wizard, on the first page you should have Animated GIF file checked, click on next, on the second page click on “optimize”, on the page that opens check the box “Optimized Octree”, click on ok (we need to do this as we need to cut down the size of the animation otherwise it is huge), carry on with the optimization clicking next and finish and save your tag.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions or if you would like to send me your tag to feature in my gallery, please email me here, I would love to see your result!


  1. Lovely - you can see my results on my Blog, if you wish.

  2. Thank you Gem, have just had a look, your tag is beautiful! thank you for doing the tut xx