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Saturday, 28 May 2011


In this tutorial I am using the art of Dominic Marco.
You require a license to use Dominic’s art.
I purchased mine from CILM.
Dominic now sells his tubes/licenses independently
here, although his older work is not currently available.

I am using a mini kit called Jasmin by
The kit is part of her beautiful Fairytales set.
The kits can be purchased separately or you can purchase the full set at a discount.

You will also need a mask.
I am using Monti’s circle mask again,
you can get it here.

An Arabic looking font works best with this tag.
I am using Psuedo Saudi which is a free font.

Open a new transparent canvas 650 by 550 pixels and flood fill with white.

Open one of the papers, I used pd-pp05. On your canvas, select all, make a new layer and paste the paper into the selection. Apply your mask. Resize the mask layer 85%.

Open pd-frame-01 and paste as a new layer. Resize 60% and apply a drop shadow, vertical and horizontal 5, opacity 70, blur 10. Move over to the left.

Open pd-moon and paste as a new layer. Again resize 60%, apply the same drop shadow and position over the frame using my tag for reference.

Open your tube and paste as a new layer. Resize as required, place in position and apply the drop shadow. If you are a using the same tube as me or another part body tube, it will have a harsh line at the bottom. Don’t worry about that, we will fix it later.

Open pd-stars-01 and paste as a new layer. Resize 70%, drag down below your frame layer and place in position.

Open pd-bling-01 and paste as a new layer. Resize 60%, unsharp mask to brighten it up as resizing will have made it a bit blurry (adjust – sharpness – unsharp mask, radius and clipping 5, strength 50), place in position.

Open pd-sparkle-01 and paste as a new layer. Resize 60% and place in position so you can see the sparkle over the stars layer. Duplicate this layer and move it so it shows to the right hand side of your tube.

Open pd-lamp and paste as a new layer. Bring the layer to the top, resize 35%, apply the drop shadow and place in position.

Open pd-magic and paste as a new layer. Mirror and resize 45%. Position the magic so its coming out of the lamp spout and then drag down below the lamp layer.

Now we want to get rid of that harsh line at the bottom of the tube. Open your erasor tool and put it on the following settings.

Shape – just keep it on the default shape.

Size – 50

Hardness – 5

Step – 10

Density – 100

Thickness – 100

Rotation – 10

Opacity – 10.

Make your tube layer active and run the brush along that harsh line until it blends in with the mask.

Crop your tag and resize as required. Apply your copyright information.

Now for the font. First we will make a pattern for the background. Activate your mask layer, copy and paste as a new image. Use your crop tool and roughly crop a square from the centre, something like my screenshot below.

Go to effects – image effects – seamless tiling, set it on the default settings with tiling method – corner, direction – bidirectional and linear checked. Click ok.

Set your background to pattern and find your mask pattern, settings should be angle – 0 and scale 100.  Set your foreground to white, width 2. Write your text and apply the drop shadow but changing the vertical and horizontal to 2 and the blur to 5.

Export your tag as a jpeg with compression set to 5.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions, please email me here.

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