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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Star Quality

I this tutorial I used the art of Baron Von Lind.
You require a license to use the Baron's tubes
which you can purhase from Mypsptubes.

Again I am using the kit “Diamonds Are…” from Pimp’d Designz.
You will need a mask, I used Monty’s Circle mask.
 you can get it here.

You will also need the filters MuRa’s Meister copies and
Greg’s Factory Outlet Volume II, Pool Shadow.

I used the font Parisian BT, which is a free font.

You will need a preset star shape which you should have included with your programme. 

Open a new transparent canvas 650 by 650 pixels and flood fill with white.

Open pd-pp-04, make a new layer, select all, paste the paper into the selection, de-select and apply Monti’s circle mask.

Open pd-frame-01 and paste as a new layer. Rotate 90 degrees in either direction, resize 80% and apply a drop shadow vertical and horizontal 2, opacity 70, blur 5, position towards the right on your canvas.

Open your tube and position on top of the frame layer. Adjust – hue and saturation – colourize, both settings on 0. Adjust – brightness and contrast – brightness/contrast – brightness set to 48, contrast 0. You may need to play around with the brightness/contrast setting depending on what tube you are using.  Duplicate the tube layer. Apply your drop shadow to the original layer.

On the copy tube layer go to effects – MuRa’s Meister – Copies. Set your preset menu to seamless, the only other setting I changed was the number of copies to 60. Drag this layer down below your frame and mirror. With your magic wand select the interior of both parts of the frame, expand the selection by 10, position the copies layer so you have a nice part showing in the frame, invert the selection and delete the excess part of the layer.

Duplicate your copies layer twice so you have three copies and apply Greg’s Pool Shadow to each layer. You can play around with the sliders to your liking or use my settings below.

First copy – diagonal 50, centre 50, horizontal 107, diagonal 143, vertical 50, intensity 22, lightness 128.

Second copy – diagonal 97. centre 20, horizontal 255, diagonal 94. vertical 50, intensity 22, lightness 128.

Third copy – diagonal 50, centre 117, horizontal 136, diagonal 101, vertical 50, intensity 22, lightness 128.

On each copies layer apply the blinds texture – effects, texture effects, blinds, width 4, opacity 10, horizontal and light from left/top both checked.

Make a new layer above your mask layer.  With your background on white and foreground closed off, open your preset shape tool and find a star shape. With “anti-alias” and “create as vector” checked, hold down the shift key to keep a uniform shape and draw a large star to the left of your frame using my tag for reference.. Convert the star to a raster layer. Select all, selections float, selections de-float, selections contract by 4.  Open pd-pp-10 and paste into the selection, de-select and apply a drop shadow as before.

Open pd-stars-01 and paste as a new layer. Resize 80% and unsharp mask with clipping and radius set to 5 and strength to 50 (adjust – sharpness – unsharp mask). Position and apply your drop shadow.

Open pd-bag-02 and paste as a new layer. Resize 70%, place in position and apply your drop shadow.

Open pd-bottle-01 and paste as a new layer. Resize 70%, place in position and apply your drop shadow.

Add any other embellishments from the kit, I used pd-ribbon-02,  pd-clip-01,  pd-stitch-01,  pd-flower-01 and pd-flower-02.  Don’t forget your drop shadows and to unscharp mask on anything rotated.

Resize as required, add your copyright information and text, then we will animate.

Go to your 3 copies layers and close off the second and third copy. Right click and copy merged, open animation shop and paste as a new animation. Go back to PSP, close off the first copies layer and open the second one, again right click, copy merged and paste in animation shop “after current frame”. Do the same with the third copies layer. Change the animation frame properties on each layer to 30 (animation – frame properties). Optimize your animation and save.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any problems, please email me here.

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